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Windshield Repair

At Jeff's Motorcars, we also provide windshield repair services for your vehicle. When appropriate, repairing a windshield compared versus replacing a windshield maintains the original factory seal.
In most instances, a simple chip or crack can be repaired in less than 30 minutes. A small crack (or chip) on the windshield that only penetrates the top layer of glass is repairable and in most instances, it can be repaired in less than 30 minutes.
However, when the crack supersedes the top layer of the glass, it will usually spread the damage and may lead to a replacement after a few days, weeks or months. We recommend that a serious cracked windshield be addressed and replaced as soon as possible.
What are the different classifications of a damaged windshield?
• Chips: This can be a simple ding, stone break, or a pit caused by a flying rock.
• Edge Crack: An edge crack can start at or touches the edge of the windshield. An edge crack is usually longer than 6 inches.
• Floater Crack: A floater crack is considered damage within the middle of the windshield and is at least two inches from the edge.
• Stress Crack: A stress crack is the result of extreme temperature changes. For the most part, it usually starts near the edge of the windshield.
• Bulls-Eye: A bulls-eye is marked by the physical appearance of the damaged windshield. It is a circle with a deep chip in the middle.
• Stars: Stars are a combination of chips in your windshield and usually have several small cracks emitting from it.
• Combination Break: This is when your windshield has two or more types of damage or several damaged locations.
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