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Ceramic Coating

Our detailing service also offers ceramic coating. For customers who want a long lasting luster and paint protection, choose ceramic coating.
Unlike wax and other automotive sealants, which are not the most durable paint protection products available, ceramic coating provides a long lasting finish and protection for your vehicle's paint.
Simply put, ceramic coating is a second layer of skin on the surface of your vehicle. Ceramic coating uses nanotechnology. Nanotechnology consists of tiny particles that form together and create a translucent as well as a transparent layer of skin on your vehicle that is completely invisible to the naked eye.
Ceramic coatings is a silica-based liquid polymer. It is applied by hand and cures to form a protective layer and when properly maintained, can be effective for several years.
Many vehicle owners choose ceramic coating over other products since it is the most durable and protective product available for your vehicle. Ceramic coating provides a hard shell and ceramic layer that prevents water stains, road grime, bird poop, and other substances from harming the paint's surface. With just a simple and quick rinse, all these harmful elements slide right off!
When properly applied, a ceramic coating of your vehicle will outlast your ownership!
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So, what are some of the benefits of ceramic coating?
• UV Protection
• Oxidation Resistance
• Corrosion Resistance
• Stain Resistance
• Scratch Resistance
• All Surface Protection
• Long Lasting Durability
• Gloss Finish
Appliable to:
• Paint
• Wheels
• Windows
• Plastic Trim
• Interior (cloth and leather)
Gtechniq Ceramic Coating
-5 year warranty
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