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Wheel Restoration

Like dent repair, wheel restoration is another way to preserve your vehicle's appearance and value. It also restores the performance of your vehicle and eliminates any further damage to your vehicle. Wheel restoration is a cost effective repair compared to purchasing new or even refurbished wheels.
A proper wheel serves to help the function of the engine's power into motion. When the vehicle accelerates, the engine's power plant transfers from the drivetrain to the wheels; so it is highly imperative that your vehicle's wheels are not damaged.
What are the different types of wheel damage?
• Curb Rash: This is usually done by parking too close to the side curb and even during an automated car wash.
• Bent Wheel: Try and avoid potholes or driving too fast over speed bumps.
• Cracked Wheels: As with bent wheels, cracked wheels can be the result of potholes or driving too fast over speed bumps.
What are the types of wheel damage?
• Cosmetic Damage: This is usually superficial damage such as curb rash, scuffs, scrapes, or scratches. This repair process may require sanding and refinishing (or painting).
• Structural Damage: This is underlying structure damage to the wheel such as bent and cracked wheels. This repair process may require heating, straightening, welding, material removal, and reshaping the wheel. However, in most instances, structural wheel damage may not be repairable.
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